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My Story

First Do No Harm... then, Does it Work?!?

I was destined to connect to other species the day Lady, my grandparent's Springer Spaniel, walked toddler me across the street to the park. She knew exactly when it was safe for us to cross that Long Island street together because my Uncle Ted taught her how to take care! *Little did I know there were parents behind us just in case!*

I believe dogs, possible more than any other mammal, have the desire and ability to work symbiotically with us. We've lived together thousands of years for mutual benefit.


For more than 30 years my focus has been discovering how to help dogs better understand and be comfortable in our lives so we can enjoy that partnership.

I believe the sky's the limit on what we can accomplish together. I'm excited to help you and your dog build sensational dog skills.

My Services

Designed to Help You Enjoy Life with your Dog.


Private Lessons

Convenient and Professional

Private Lessons are my most popular service, which I’ve been developing and perfecting since 2001. I work closely with each one of my clients using LIMA - least intrusive, minimally aversive - strategies to help you reach and teach your dog. I know you have a busy schedule, I will customize a plan that suits your lifestyle.


Accommodating Your Lifestyle

Specialized overnight care is available at Red Rover Pet Services LLC in downtown Nashville. In 2005 I created unique boarding that allows social dogs to stay overnight with their dog friends. Staff is onsite during the night for added safety. Dogs are less stressed when they're not alone and have room to move. They enjoy the freedom to chose a private spot or snuggle with buddies.

Limited training is available while boarding.


Small Group Training

Work with Friends

Many challenges we face with our dogs are common. Things like pulling on leash and barking/lunging at other dogs are experiences many people have. By gathering a group of friends with similar challenges you can spread the cost of training and have study partners to help your dog learn quickly through practice.

"Training a dog is simply developing skills

learned by communicating clearly and

effectively with each other.

"Learn together through play. Have fun!"


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